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   Sexy Three Kingdoms is an RPG Web Game based on the story of Three Kingdoms. Filled with excellent graphics, fine character models, and realistic movements comparable to Dynasty Warriors.

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2017-01-19 20:33:29

“Sexy Three Kingdoms” is an MMORPG game with a story about 3 Kingdoms. This game has a good graphic quality, fine characters design and realistic movements which are comparable to Dynasty Warriors, players can feel the excitement of The Three Kingdoms era, China’s most thrilling history.

Countless heroes, enjoyable history song chanting endlessly, Three Kingdoms war story, 60 years of riot, countless classic wars, strategy battles, and the birth of new heroes. For the heroes who fought, is it going to be a great victory, or is it going to be a heart breaking loss. With a very unique partner recruitment system, this is the game that you’re looking for!

Passion of the Three Kingdoms era brings out countless amazing, alluring, sexy, graceful, beautiful and interesting women. Are you fascinated by their beauty, do you want to know their fate. In the game, you can, with some of the women that you might have heard before, such as Guan Yin Ping, Cai Yan, Xiao Qiao, Wang Yi, Zhen Ji, Diao Chan, players could fight the war together, play mini games together, and even get the chance to marry them.

They are no longer just names anymore, but fighting alongside heroes, training together, increasing attributes, and after every exhausting battles, you can return to your home, seeing pretty girls pouring a cup of tea, isn’t it heartwarming?

The Three Kingdoms era is filled with mysterious legends, player didn’t only become the apprentice of Zuo Ci the immortal, but also has a strong supernatural powers, didn’t only challenge Zhang Jiao, but also fighting for Han Dynasty, and fighting against Grand Master Zhang Jiao, Fearless Leader Zhang Lu, and saving innocent people that are suffering from the chaos.

This game is full of wonderful and breathtaking stories, funny and hilarious plots, well crafted scripts, and made with true sincerity.