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   Sexy Three Kingdoms is an RPG Web Game based on the story of Three Kingdoms. Filled with excellent graphics, fine character models, and realistic movements comparable to Dynasty Warriors.

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Class Introduction

2014-05-19 11:56:30

There are five classes in Sexy Three Kingdoms, which is: Swordmaster, Barbarian, Assassin, General and Mage.

Barbarian: Barbarians are strong, tough, and inborn with a sturdy character, and even a female Barbarian, with her seemingly vulnerable appearance, can be the harbor of tremendous strength and power. They are a valuable asset in absorbing and blocking incoming damage, shielding their comrades behind from enemy’s attacks.

Assassin: Assassins are endowed with agility and an inborn talent to inflict tremendous damage. Even if their attacks are blocked by their opponents, dodging an counterattack is for them still an easy job. They also have special abilities to boost damage dealt in a critical hit, allowing them to execute a swift yet lethal kill on their opponents.

Swordmaster: Sword represents the pinnacle of all weapons, and Swordsmasters are adept at both attacking and defending. Dexterous in sword-wielding and acrobatically skillful, they perform very well in delivering precise hits and dodging incoming attacks.

General: Generals always stand at the forefront of battlefield to withstand the relentless waves of enemy forces. Forged by the ruthlessness of combat, they have acquired a variety of battle skills, consuming Rage in exchange for a sudden boost of power, and finding a way out for the team in cases of grave danger and adversity.

Mage: Legend says that only the most intelligent people have the privilege to become Mages. Equipped with all of the world’s knowledge consolidated in their mind, they are excellent manipulators of the forces of nature. Not only can they attack their opponents directly, they can also cast a variety of buffs to incapacitate their opponents, or to boost the power of their teammates. Yet weak as they are, they are usually the priority targets for the enemy’s attacks.