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   Sexy Three Kingdoms is an RPG Web Game based on the story of Three Kingdoms. Filled with excellent graphics, fine character models, and realistic movements comparable to Dynasty Warriors.

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Beginner FAQs

2014-05-19 11:56:00

Q:How are the qualities of my equipments classified?

A: The qualities of equipments are divided by colors distinct. Accordingly, your equipments can be White, Green, Blue, Purple and Golden successively, with White being the poorest in quality and Golden being the highest in quality.

Q: How may I upgrade my equipments?

A: To upgrade your equipments, you should first obtain Scrolls of Equipment after defeating Elite Duplicate Heroes. Next you should search for the materials required for upgrading as specified by the Scroll. When all are completed, access the Upgrade Panel and select the corresponding equipment that you wish to upgrade.

Q: What are the benefits of upgrading my equipments?

A: When equipments get upgraded, they receive bonuses for their attributes, which increase specific attributes like damage, defense or HP of your characters.

Q: Why am I unable to upgrade my equipments further?

A: The upper limit imposed upon equipment upgrades is consistent with the level of your character. Every time your character level up to a certain point, you will be able to upgrade their equipments to a higher level.

Q: How many partners can I take in maximum? How do I re-invite partners that have previously been dismissed by me?

A: The number of partners you can take increases proportionally with the progress of your character’s level. However, the number of your partners can never exceed 8, and you can never have more than 4 partners joining a single battle. You may request dismissed partners to rejoin your team at the Tavern.

Q: How can I recruit better partners?

A: You need to collect Fame in order to let your character take higher Posts in the game. The higher the Post your character holds, the stronger partners you can recruit.

Q: What is the minimum level requirement to create a Guild? Are there any other prerequisites?

A: You can create a new Guild once you reach Level 24. In addition, creating a Guild will cost you 100,000 coins.

Q: How may I promote my Post in the game?

A: There are many opportunities in the game for you to earn more Fame points. Once your Fame points reaches the prerequisite of a particular Post, you will be promoted to that Post automatically.

Q: How can I marry a beautiful girl?

A: You can marry a beautiful girl once the intimacy level between the two of you reaches the highest.

Q: How can I obtain Warrior Spirit?

A: You will receive Warrior Spirit the first time you clear a stage on Military Record. Also, receiving salaries of higher military ranks allows you to obtain Warrior’s Spirits. Last but not the least, if you get high rankings when participating in activities such as Sealing the Demons and Monster Siege, Warrior’s Spirits will be given as a prize.

Q: How to obtain Tokens?

A: Once you have completed quests from Little Helper, you will be able to receive a Token. Players with higher VIP levels can receive more Token daily.

Q: How could my character regenerate Energy?

A: Your character’s Energy regenerates automatically by 5 points every 30 minutes. You can also purchase Energy directly using Gold.

Q: How can I activate elite tasks?

A: Elite tasks will only be activated when you have completed all the standard tasks. In elite instances, you have the chance to obtain Scrolls for you to synthesize more advanced equipments.

Q: How can I acquire coins?

A: Coins can be obtained every time you clear a stage or accomplish a mission. You can also trade out Gold directly in exchange for more Coins by using Treasure Pot.