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   Sexy Three Kingdoms is an RPG Web Game based on the story of Three Kingdoms. Filled with excellent graphics, fine character models, and realistic movements comparable to Dynasty Warriors.

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Constellation Introduction

2017-01-19 19:52:54

In this game, players can summon various constellations, which when used appropriately can greatly boost the player’s power. However, there are still some aspects need to be considered when choosing the correct type of constellation, which will be introduced below

The qualities and classifications of constellations:

With regard to their qualities, constellations are categorized into four types: Gold being the best, Purple being the second best, Blue being the mediocre, and Green which have the worst quality.
1. Gold Constellations (ZiWei, TaiWei, MengZhang, JianBing, LingGuang, ZhiMing, YingHuo, ChenXing, TaiBai, ZhenXing, DuoGuang, TaiSui).
2. Purple Constellations (WenQu, PoJun, YuHeng, HuaGai, YanShou, TaiYin, WuQu, TanLang, QiShan, LianZhen)
3. Blue Constellations (TianShu, TianXuan, TianJi, TianQuan, TianCi, TianFu, TiangLiang, TianJun, TianShi, TianGu, TianYi)
4. Green Constellations (TianLang, TianPo, TianSha)

Constellations Type and Usage:

1. Increase HP: YanShou, ZiWei
Constellations that increases HP are considered the best in the earlier stages of character development. It is recommended that everyone equip themselves with this to increase the chances of passing a stage.

2.Increase Anger: TianShu, TanLang, TaiWei
Anger is very important, because every time a character’s Anger reaches 100 in combat,they will be able to cast special technique that are in many cases crucial in securing a victory. It is strongly recommended that the TaiWei constellation be upgraded to Level 6, so that skills can be casted at the very start of a combat.

3. Increase Physical Attack: TianLang, TianJun, WuQu, MengZhang
This type of constellations are also among the necessities in a character’s inventory. However, as Mages do not possess physical damage, such constellations are completely useless for them.

4. Increase Magic Attack: TianPo, TianFu, WenQu, LingGuang
This type of constellations are very important for Mages. However, please bear in mind that they are completely useless when equipped on characters other than Mages.

5. Increase Skill Attack: TianSha, TianLiang, TaiYin, JianBing

These constellations are also necessary for everyone, because damage from a skill attack are usually pretty heavy.

6. Increase Critical: TianJi, PoJun, TaiSui
These constellations increase the chances for the character to perform a critical strike, which are crucial for characters specializing in doing damage, such as Assassins.

7. Increase Dodge: TianQuan, YuHeng, DuoGuang
These constellations increase the chances for the character to dodge an attack, which are crucial for characters adept in dodging, such as Swordmasters.

8. Increase Block: TianXuan, LianZhen, ZhenXing
While all characters are free to equip this, these constellations are most suitable for Barbarians.

9. Increase Hit: TianJi, HuaGai, ZhiMing
Hit is the counterpart for dodging. An attack with higher Hit is less likely to be dodged by the opponent.

10. Increase Break: QiSha, ChenXing
Break is the counterpart of blocking. An attack with more breaking is less likely to be blocked by the opponent.

11. Increase Toughness: YingHuo
Toughness is the counterpart of critical strike. Increasing Toughness reduces the likelihood to be hit by a critical strike.

12. Increase Fatality: TaiBai
Fatality increases damage dealt in single critical strike. This constellation is essential for characters specializing in doing damage and critical.

13. Increase Defense: TianShi, TianGu, TianYi
These three constellations increase the Defense against magic attacks, against skills, and against physical attacks respectively. However, they are relatively less efficacious and would be sooner or later replaced by other constellations.