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Elite YuShi Guide

2014-05-19 11:54:13

Today I saw people complaining about how hard to clear Elite YuShi, so I’m going to share my experience.

To clear Elite YuShi, first you’ll need to have at least a certain amount of Power, otherwise you will not clear it. Because everyone’s partner and training method is different, I can only say a couple of things about the condition:

1.  Main character’s weapon should be upgraded to green and enhanced to maximum level (ring and necklace don’t have to be maximum level, too expensive), try to get your main character so they can endure at least 3 hits before dying, and at the same time can drain up 2/3 of the enemies life on 1 attack.

2.  Enhance the weapon of your partner (usually Ruo Yi), other equipment is okay if not enhanced, so that she can finish 1 YuShi that the main character already attack before.

3.  For tanker (usually DengAi), try to upgrade his robe, ring and necklace so he don’t die in 1 hit. If it's possible you can add a little offensive power.

4.  Another random partner, but since you probably waste your coins on the other 3 person, this one is basically a fodder.

As for the Formation point allocation and Constellation, try to allocate it according to above condition to ensure that each role can qualify. By the way, remember to marry every woman partners, to get the bonus attributes, because without it it’s harder to clear YuShi.

After you’ve met the condition above, you can try to fight Elite YuShi.

Battle progress as follows:

Round 1: The partner on top dies, main character and Ruo Yi kills 1 YuShi on the middle, 3 YuShi left, bottom partners will probably die, main character and Ruo Yi on full health.

Round 2: YuShi on top killed by main character and Ruo Yi, YuShi on the bottom uses skills and kill Ruo Yi, main character hit by the last remaining YuShi till he/she got 2/3 life left.

Round 3: Main character hit the middle YuShi until she almost die, then killed by the 2 remaining YuShi.

Wait! So we lost? Or not?!?

I forgot, the purpose of this guide is to point out necessary conditions, so it’s possible to win this, all we need is luck. For example sometimes YuShi can miss (partners dodge), main character or Ruo Yi can do critical hit, the point is to try a couple times till you succeed.