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Elite ZhangLiao Guide

2014-05-19 11:54:02

How to rush to Elite ZhangLiao stage on new server.

First, when the server open at 10:00 buy 2000 worth of Gold, and you'll get VIP level 4 (if you don’t buy Gold, I don’t know how you can get ZiWei), main character is whichever you like, just choose whichever one you see fit.

The next important thing to remember is from 10:00 to 10:30 where you have to do a lot of things. After you got your Gold Packages and Beginner Gift, open both of them, drink the potions.  Do not take the online prizes yet (but do remember). Then quickly clear all the map until the Zhong Nan Mountain 9th map, turn over the quests after you cleared the map, and don’t accept any quest right now (very important, if you accept a quest then you’re finished), and also don’t use the Treasure Pot yet. At this moment you should be at level 9, time to train your character and Ruo Yi’s attributes. You should have around 100.000 or more coins, don’t hesitate to spend it all on training. Main character’s Power should at least be trained to 50+ or to the highest point you can train, use the remaining coins to train Ruo Yi (at this time training only cost 100 coin, it’s very cheap). Try to finish all the above before 10:30 (why? Because if there’s nothing wrong, your energy should be at 205, but if you can’t finish before 11:30, you got 5 less energy). After you're finished with your training, take and finish all quests until you got to Xu Chang.

It’s the same thing again once you get to Xu Chang, finished all your task, your energy should be enough, if you don’t need the free energy then let it be for now. Same, clear Xu Chang until 9th map, turn over the quests, and don’t accept anymore quest. Train main character and Ruo Yi’s attributes again (this time it’s 200 coin per training, it’s still cheap), try to max your power and spend the rest of your coin to train Ruo Yi. You don’t need to care about Deng Ai for now, he’s not really useful on early game.  As for equipment, enhance weapons first. And then continue until you get to Xin Ye.

After you get to Xin Ye keep clearing map, wait until the Arena feature is unlocked (lv19), go in and fight the one you can beat. Get 10 fame point, recruit Guan Yin Ping, and put her inside your party instead of Deng Ai. Same thing, clear until the last map, stop accepting task, and train your attributes again (this time it’s 400 coin each training, use up your coins, use the Treasure Bowl if you need to, or else the training fee is 1000 coin each time at Chai Sang, quite devastating). Get to the next town after you're finished training.

Upon arrival at Chai Sang keep doing the same thing clearing map, at level 20 remember to marry Ruo Yi. After the Mysterious Seller is unlocked you can start making Potion (fill up your main character, Ruo Yi and Guan Yin Ping with Power Potion and Skill Potion, every 10 level opened up another spot for Potion). Get your weapons upgraded to green, enhance to whatever level you wish, and for other equipment just enhance it to Silver1. It will start to feel harder to level up, just keep repeating the latest map until you level up. If you find it hard to win against Elites, try a couple more times. At level 25 join a Guild, after that spend 90 Gold to get 1000 Fame point, recruit Ding Feng, at level 30 you can have 4 people at your party and you can include him. At level 30 you can marry Guan Yin Ping, don’t forget. At this point, if you have the coins, train Power attributes for your main character and Guan Yin Ping to 100+, especially main character, has to be 100+. If you open up your mining spot, let Ding Feng mine to get experience, let him level up.

After you get to Chi Bi, it’s still the same thing, accepting task and clearing map. Don’t need to find materials for yourself, buy it from the Mysterious Seller, keep filling up your Potion spot (Ding Feng is good enough but if you want to use Huang Gai instead, go ahead). Weapons has to be enhanced, other equipment is up to you or depend on your coins. Remember to participate the 15:00 event, spend 100 Gold to increase Spirit, try to get last hit if possible. Next, you should have a little energy left, spend Gold to buy energy, keep clearing map. If you keep the training going there shouldn't be any problem, except on Elite YuShi stage where you might find it a bit hard.

If you level up fast enough, and there’s no one in front of you, level up to 39 (should be the next day, after midnight 24:00, if you’re out of energy then too bad), you can try to clear Elite ZhangLiao. Cleared that and ZiWei is yours! (Couldn’t clear it? Enhance you equipment, upgrade your Battle Arts, use TaiChu to level up the YanShou you got as a first gift).

The point is to level up faster and save energy, and use coins. I cleared Zhang Liao at a little pass 01:00 AM the 2nd day.