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   Sexy Three Kingdoms is an RPG Web Game based on the story of Three Kingdoms. Filled with excellent graphics, fine character models, and realistic movements comparable to Dynasty Warriors.

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Background Story

2014-05-19 11:46:06

End of Eastern Han Dynasty, the Kingdom ruled the country, Queen He and Prime Minister control the power, the country has lost on life. On the same year, Wang Mei Ren gave birth to twin babies, and so to prevent Queen He from killing the babies, The Empress took the son of King Liu Xie inside Wei Yang Castle, and took him into custody.  And at the same time, asked the palace guards to take other prince to look for Zuo Ci, looking for protection.

With the downfall of Han Dynasty,  many forces have risen at every area. Cao Cao held the ground and arrested the young master, to prove that he was to be feared.

Zhang Lu conspired with the demons threatening the country safety.

Han Dynasty legacy is at stake, millions of people are having a hard time for living. Can the heroes save the citizen, free the people from suffering?