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   Sexy Three Kingdoms is an RPG Web Game based on the story of Three Kingdoms. Filled with excellent graphics, fine character models, and realistic movements comparable to Dynasty Warriors.

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Merry Christmas 2018

2018-12-24 23:50:00

Dear all STK players,

Merry Christmas every one! Since the year will end in a few days, we prepared some big events to send it off! Hope all you guys enjoy the events and have a great Christmas vocation!

Event 1: 100% Recharge Bonus on All-Type Recharge Methods


Event Period: 23:50, Dec.24th to 23:50, Dec.27th in SGT

              10:50, Dec.24th to 10.50, Dec.27th in EST

Just enjoy 100% Bonus Gold and VIP Exps on recharge! Please remember that the Bonus gold here WILL be counted to your total recharge! Which means the bonus part here is stackable with other recharge events such as regular recharge event, Great Return Gold event, and Little Recharge Big Reward event!

Event 2: Great Return Gold (12000 Gold/100% Bonus)

Entrance: Recharge Event---Great Return Gold

Event Period:

                      23:50, Dec.24th to 23:50, Dec.27th in SGT

              10:50, Dec.24th to 10.50, Dec.27th in EST

You may view the reward detail directly in game and we promise that the rewards are definitely abundant!

Event 3: Little Recharge Big Reward

Entrance: Recharge Event--- Little Recharge Big Reward

Event Period:

                       23:50, Dec.24th to 23:50, Dec.27th in SGT

              10:50, Dec.24th to 10.50, Dec.27th in EST

Don’t forget to claim your FREE EXTRA rewards of Little Recharge Big Reward event while attending Event 1 and Event 2. We have to say that it’s a perfect chance to get tons of EXTRA with LESS cost! Catch the chance everyone!

    Please contact our GM if you meet any problem or have any question while playing.


STK Team