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   Sexy Three Kingdoms is an RPG Web Game based on the story of Three Kingdoms. Filled with excellent graphics, fine character models, and realistic movements comparable to Dynasty Warriors.

Home Notice > Dec.19th Update Patch Notes

Dec.19th Update Patch Notes

2018-12-18 16:28:48

Hello everyone!

We will bring you new updates on Dec.19th.

Maintenance Time: 
14:00, Dec.19th, to 14:30, Dec.19th, in SGT

02:00, Dec.19th, to 02:30, Dec.19th, in EST

Servers will be DOWN during the maintenance duration and players will NOT be able to login into the game. For your data safety, please sign out of the game in advance to avoid any unexpected loss.

Patch Notes

Mount Notes

---3 New Mounts Added

Falcound Mount

Gilding Chariot Mount

Planoblast Mount

Emoji Notes

---New Emoji: Yellow Cock Added

Feature Extension Notes

---Following Card Illustration Feature Extended

New Event Notes

---Penglai Shop Discount Event Developed

Pet Notes

---Viper’s Attribute Adjusted

Title Notes

---3 New Titles Added

Thanksgiving Envoy Title

Thanksgiver Title

Exotic Charm Title

New Feature Notes

---Nirvana Friend Feature Added (This feature isn’t completely stable now so if you find anything wrong please report to GM)

---Total Rss Overview Function Added

---Apotheosis Gemstone Feature Developed

Players may equip Double-Attribute Gemstone on Apotheosis Gemstone Page now

>>>Please mention that Apotheosis Gemstone function will be unlocked when you upgrade your Apotheosis Level to Azoth

---Activity Assistant Feature Developed

---Feature Assistant Feature Developed

Following Card Notes

---A bunch of new Following Cards Added (more than 20)

Event Adjustment Notes

---Nirvana Tree Event Reward Adjusted

---Luck Exchange Ticket Reward Adjusted

---Birthday Event Reward Adjusted

---Seeking God in Yi Zhou Event Reward Adjusted

---Phantom Treasure Ship Event Reward Adjusted

---Every Second Counts Event Reward Adjusted

Feature Adjustment Notes

---Treasure Map Reward Adjusted

Game Optimization Notes

---Various Bugs Fixed

Thanks for playing Sexy Three Kingdoms! If you have any suggestions or feedbacks for our game, please feel free to post them anywhere! You can start a discussion in the Forums, contact us on Facebook, or send us a message via the GM Button!


STK Operation Team