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   Sexy Three Kingdoms is an RPG Web Game based on the story of Three Kingdoms. Filled with excellent graphics, fine character models, and realistic movements comparable to Dynasty Warriors.

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Bad Facebook :(

2017-12-29 19:37:30

Hi there~

This is me your Game Master, Sakura ^^
I see that you have purchased Gold from Facebook, thank you for that~ but  Recharge on Facebook is super bad :(

Due to Facebook administration fee, Recharging on Facebook gives less Gold than if you Recharge from our official website.

Also, we are currently running a 100% Gold Bonus event, but sadly Facebook Recharge does not support bonus function.

So, we strongly suggest you to play on our official website, since it's more optimized, and the payment rates are much better~! And don't worry, you don't have to start over, you can continue your current save file.

*Note : to continue playing your character on this website, click link below, then click Facebook icon (login with Facebook),then simply select your server.
To recharge from our website, click link below:

Have fun!