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   Sexy Three Kingdoms is an RPG Web Game based on the story of Three Kingdoms. Filled with excellent graphics, fine character models, and realistic movements comparable to Dynasty Warriors.

Home Notice > 10 October System Update Announcement

10 October System Update Announcement

2017-10-10 17:35:07

Dear STK Players,

  Thanks for playing Sexy Three Kingdoms! To make our game better for you, we bring updates regularly.

The new update will be conducted at 4:00 EST (GMT-5) (16:00 SGT) on October 11.

Maintenance will be executed for 20-40 minutes and players will NOT be able to login to the game during maintenance. Please be prepared in advance to avoid unexpected loss.

Content of update as followings:

1. New Feature: Imperial Mausoleum Treasure Hunt






1. Each venture costs 1 Ore Pick, continue to venture will cost Gold and can get abundant reward!

2. Ore Pick will be resumed in each 2 hours, the maximum amount is 20. 3. Players can choose to give up getting current reward.

3. Elementary Force Upgrade Materials can be obtained from here!




2. New Feature: Elementary Force






1. Select an appropriate element attribute for each general can defeat enemy easily in battle!

2. Upgrade Materials can be obtained from Imperial Mausoleum Treasure Hunt feature!

3. Elemental damage will be calculated individually and it won't influence Initiation.

4. Each element needs to be upgraded individually to get extra attribute.




3. New Feature: General Nomination Platform





1. Players can get some free challenge chances every week.

2. Weekly Reward quality is decided by the highest difficulty that players passed.

3. Some levels will restrict fighting Generals and Generals number, the restriction will be changed each week, please prepare in advance.


4. New Child Quality: Dull-Red Child




5. New Main Character’s Pulse:







6. Saint Zhang Jiao, Saint Sun Quan and Saint Guan Yin Ping’s Saint Technique now can upgrade to LV.20





7. Saint Lu Bu’s Saint Weapon can be tempered to LV.13 now.





8. Third Vein Page for Partners has been unlocked.





9. Potion Effect can be enhanced now!





10. New Pet: Parrot






11. New Constellation: EX Chaos and EX Bi Fang






12. New Mount and New Costume.




13. Various Bugs Fixes and Performance Improvements.



STK Team