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   Sexy Three Kingdoms is an RPG Web Game based on the story of Three Kingdoms. Filled with excellent graphics, fine character models, and realistic movements comparable to Dynasty Warriors.


Spending Gold Useful Get Cheerful!!! 05-06-2015

New Server G2 New World! 05-06-2015

Godlike LuBu in Action Events!! 04-06-2015

Goddess Vesak Day with Fortune & Holy Blessing!!! 02-06-2015

END MAY Goddess Blessing Event!!! 02-06-2015

New Server G1 International! 29-05-2015

Inter Server World Hegemony! 25-05-2015

New Server S75 Wild West! 21-05-2015

STK God of Wealth 19-05-2015

Single Server World Hegemony Event! 16-05-2015

Sexy Three Kingdoms Double Rewards RELOADED! 15-05-2015

Thatched Boat & Goddess Daily Recharge Event 11-05-2015

Grand Opening Server S74 Valete 07-05-2015

Grand Opening Server S73 Muerte 30-04-2015

Grand Opening Server S72 Saturn 23-04-2015

Grand Opening Server S71 Uranus 16-04-2015

Grand Opening Server S70 Mars 09-04-2015

Energy Discount & Boat Discount! 23-03-2015

Grand Opening Server S66 Arthemis 23-03-2015

Sexy Three Kingdoms Exclusive Prize! 20-03-2015

Codapay - Maxis Bonus Recharge Event 20-03-2015

Grand Opening Server S65 Warrior 19-03-2015

Sexy Three Kingdoms Double Rewards! 16-03-2015

Sexy Three Kingdoms Special Event! 16-03-2015

MysticTreasure & Godlike LuBu! 14-03-2015

Special Event Sexy Three Kingdoms! 12-03-2015

Grand Opening Server S63 Aprodithe 12-03-2015

Sexy Three Kingdoms Return Gold! 10-03-2015

Grand Opening Server S62 Athena 09-03-2015

Spend Gold , Bonus Energy! 07-03-2015

STK God of Wealth Event! 05-03-2015

Grand Opening Server S61 Amethys 05-03-2015

Sexy Three Kingdoms Free Gold! 03-03-2015

Energy Discount & Boat Discount! 01-03-2015

Grand Opening Server S60 Hope 01-03-2015

Special Weekend Event Sexy Three Kingdoms! 27-02-2015

Grand Opening Server S59 Laughter 26-02-2015

CNY Continues with Sexy Three Kingdoms! 25-02-2015

CNY With Sexy Three Kingdoms! 18-02-2015