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   Sexy Three Kingdoms is an RPG Web Game based on the story of Three Kingdoms. Filled with excellent graphics, fine character models, and realistic movements comparable to Dynasty Warriors.

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STK Special Harmony Weekend

2017-12-07 17:23:03

STK Special Harmony Weekend

Hello beloved STK Players,
on this weekend we have prepared special events to make your weekend more fun. For more details please read the event descriptions below.
Event 1 : 7th Gold Harmony
Event Time ( GMT+8 )  : December 6th, 23:50:00 – December 13th, 23:50 
Event Time ( EST ) : December 6th, 23:50:00 – December 13th, 23:50
Event Description : During Event period, a special recharge requirement will be set for each day, accomplish all Targets to get the Tribal Knife Mount Reward!


Tribal Mount Preview:


Event 2 : Daily Delight Spend
Event Time ( GMT+8 )  : December 6th, 23:50:00 – December 14th, 23:50
Event Time ( EST ) : December 6th, 23:50:00 – December 14th, 23:50
Event Description :
1. During event period, complete daily spending target to collect daily rewards.
2. After completing the daily target, the next spending target will open on the next day. If a daily target is not completed, the target still can be completed in the next day, but the accumulated amount of spending will reset to 0.



Event 3 : Vow of Dragon
Event Time ( GMT+8 )  : December 6th, 23:50:00 – December 11th, 23:50
Event Time ( EST ) : December 6th, 23:50:00 – December 11th, 23:50
Screenshot Illustration :


Event Description :
1. During event period event, spend Coins or Gold then select rewards to proceed vowing to the Dragon
2. Each time you vow to the dragon, you can get rewards and points
3.  After event is over, Top 5 players on the global rank list will get special rewards
1. Check Anonymous Check Box to hide the characters’ nickname
2. Inside the Vowing Dragon Well, there are 7 different Vow Platforms (Each contains Empyrean Stone, Energy, Spirit Stone, Gem, Treasure Map, Potion, Mount fragment). Before vowing, please select the type of Vowing Platform. Then spend Coins to Vow or spend 100 Gold to make an Advanced Vow (Players are given 5 daily Coins Vow opportunities)
3. Coins Vow adds 2 points, Gold Vow adds 10 points (Rank list rewards will be sent through mail)

4. 1st Rank in Vowing Dragon will get Saint Xiao Shi Mei Summon Card, which will give Saint Xiao Shi Meipartner when used.

If you have any question or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to click on GM button at the side of your chat box!

To get more Gold, click Recharge button on the side of the screen or follow this link:
Happy gaming~!
STK Operational Team