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   Sexy Three Kingdoms is an RPG Web Game based on the story of Three Kingdoms. Filled with excellent graphics, fine character models, and realistic movements comparable to Dynasty Warriors.

Home Notice > September 19 System Update Announcement

September 19 System Update Announcement

2017-09-18 20:05:30

Dear STK Players,

The new update will be conducted at 4:00 EST (GMT-5) (16:00 SGT) on September 19.

Maintenance will be executed for 20-40 minutes and players will NOT be able to login to the game during maintenance. Please be prepared in advance to avoid unexpected loss.

Content of update as followings:

1. New Event: Treasure Boat Adventure

2. New Costume: Russian Costume

3. New Angel Skill: Exceedingly Beautiful

4. New Star: Grade 13 Star

5. Main Character can be upgraded to Saint.

6. New Saint Weapon for Saint Xiao Shi Mei

7. New Mount: Dark Soul War Horse

8. New Elite Armor: Violet Aquamarine Sun Quan

9. Third Vein Page for Main Character

10. Various Bugs Fixed.


STK Operational Team