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   Sexy Three Kingdoms is an RPG Web Game based on the story of Three Kingdoms. Filled with excellent graphics, fine character models, and realistic movements comparable to Dynasty Warriors.

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[9.8] End of Week Extra-Value Event!

2017-09-08 13:37:35

Hi all,


We prepared 4 End of Week Extra-Value Events for all you guys on this weekend. You could get the NEWSET Elite Armor, Mount, Following Card and RARE Pet Fragment from them. Please Enjoy!

Our Recharge Center:


Event Time: 23:50, 9/8 – 23:50, 9/14

Reward Details: Click ‘GREAT RETURN GOLD’ in the game page to check.



Special Reward:

   1. Mount: Sled Mount (30,000 Gold Recharge Gift)



2. Elite Armor: Ancestor of Jin Si Ma Yi (40,000 Gold Recharge Gift)

3. Following Card: Fire Pony (50,000 Gold Recharge Gift)


  4. Following Card: Ice Tiger (60,000 Gold Recharge Gift)



5. Following Card: Zhang Jiao Palace (70,000 Gold Recharge Gift)

6. Mount: Golden Calabash (80,000 Gold Recharge Gift)


Event 2: Anniversary Treasure Excavation  


Event Time: 23:50, 9/8 – 23:50, 9/11


Event Introduction:


1.  Every player can get 15 free excavation chances during the event time, excavation chance is purchasable and 1-click Treasure Excavation is also available. 1-click Treasure Excavation will NOT deduct remaining excavation chance.

2.  2 points can be obtained if the player excavated 1 Treasure. If did not then 1 point will be obtained.

3.  Players can use gold to reset Treasure Map, the Map will be freely reset 1 time if all Treasures had been excavated out.

4.  Points can be used for exchanging reward in Treasure Excavation Shop.

5.  Please consume the points ASAP, all points will be cleaned after the event closed. All remaining points will be converted to Coin; the rate is 1 point = 10,000 Coins.



Event 3: Rushing Purchase

Event Period: 23:50, 9/8 – 23:50, 9/11


Click Grateful Feedback button to attend the event!


We are selling: Yellow Doggy, Mythical Beast, Candle Dragon and Advanced Pet Ration for a very LOW price! Limited Time and Amount Offer, go to buy ASAP!


**Remind: If you cannot make purchase after completed recharge, please REFRESH your game!**


Event 4: Super Polishment Carnival!


Event Time: 23:50, 9/8 – 23:50, 9/11


Event Introduction: Polish success rate will be sharply raised up during the event time!


Wish all you have a good weenkend!



STK Operational Team