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   Sexy Three Kingdoms is an RPG Web Game based on the story of Three Kingdoms. Filled with excellent graphics, fine character models, and realistic movements comparable to Dynasty Warriors.

Home Event > Introduction &. Summary of All Game Features (Updated on 6.27)

Introduction &. Summary of All Game Features (Updated on 6.27)

2017-06-27 13:50:23

        This is an Introduction &. Summary page of all Sexy Three Kingdoms game features which basically follows level order. Missing introductions will be posted in the future. Please go to our official Forum to check it, and if you have any problem please also go to our Forum to ask. Thanks.


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1. Basic Strategy [Shared]:


2. Strategy Level 1-40:


3. Basic info and requirement:


4. Tips on World Boss [Shared]:


5. Introduction of Gala Guild:


6. Introduction of Saint Partner:


7. Token Introduction:


8. Goddess System Introduction: LV.8


9. Marriage System Introduction: LV.15


10. Tips on Hero Duplicate [Shared]: LV.25


11. Guessing Games: LV.28


12. Introduction of Warrior Spirit and Military Record: LV.46


13. Introducing Child System and Child Garden: LV.50


14. Single Server World Hegemony Introduction: LV.70


15. Holy Wu: LV.72


16. Weaponry Introduction & Godlike Guan Yu: LV.80


17. Thatched Boat Introduction: LV.90


18. Partners -Thatched Boat Introduction: LV.90


19. Introduction of East Wind Thatched Boat:


20. Introduction of Nine Expedition and Mirror Armor: LV.90


21. Brief Introduction of Treasure Map Exchange: LV.95


22. Brief Introduction of Global Challenge Match: LV.97


23. Introduction of Saint Weapon Temper: LV.110


24. Introduction of Saint Weapon Temper Skill: NR


25. Introduction of Imperial Edict System: LV.110


26. Nirvana Tavern Introduction: LV.112


27. Introduction of Zhu Lu Battlefield: LV.120


28. Introduction of Polish Equipment: LV.120


29. Introduction of Angel Skill: LV.120


30. Introduction of 'Pet' Feature: LV.120


31. Partner Talent & Heaven Talent: LV.130


32. Introduction of Cloak and Ride: LV.135


33. Introduction of Diagram Tactics Feature: LV.150


34. Introduction of 'Gemstone' Feature: LV.150


35. Pagoda Feature Introduction: LV.160


36. Bead Skill Introduction (Inside Pagoda Feature):


37. Introduction of 'Partner Vein' Feature: LV.160


38. Introduction of 'Huarong Road' Feature: LV.160


39. Introduction of Imperial Vermillion: LV.160


40. Introduction of Beast Guard Feature: LV.170


41. Introduction of Necklace Warrior Spirit: LV.180